Anonymous said: I don't know if you know anything about this but any help would be greatly appreciated... do you think you could publish a poem somewhere else like maybe a literary magazine (or anywhere else a first time poet would manage to eventually publish a poem) and then later publish the same poem in a book/collection of poems they later publish once they have built up a better writing portfolio? Would that interfere with copyrights or something, even if the poem is yours?

Thanks for my very first question.
I’ve done lots of research on this. Different publications have different legal requirements, but I have found that most have the following disclaimer: you can do whatever you want regarding publishing your poems in other books or journals, after a certain period of time. In addition, they request that you wait for them to publish or to decline before you publish elsewhere. But, you typically keep the rights. I wouldn’t publish a poem in a magazine that held the rights, unless they were paying me at least 37-million-dollars-and-ninety-seven cents.

Keep in mind that some publications require that submissions be works that have NEVER before been previously published; not even on Tumbler. When I found that out, I stopped blogging segments of my first draft here and had to revamp my blog.

On another note, be sure to read the publication before you submit, and review the type of submissions they accept. Literary publications always complain about writers who submit inappropriate works. I recently came across a poetry magazine that doesn’t accept rhyming poems.

I think your plan to publish in magazines and then in your own collection sounds terrific. There are some publications that provide feedback on your submissions. That’s very helpful. The most important thing is that you are writing!

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